SoundArt Music Video Studio is based in a quiet country setting and provides a friendly relaxing atmosphere and has filmed and recorded many styles of music as well as sound tracks and foley for film and video. We are part of Ravensbridge Digital Productions and have a wide range of experience in studio sound, live sound, video and lighting, and pre & post production.

Please browse the pages of this site and, where you will find most of the answers about what we can offer. Feel free to call us if you need more specific information. We are based in Kent and work throughout the UK and Europe.

Music Video Productions

Our 3 year mission is to become one the major Music Video Producers in the UK and to offer artistic off the wall imagery that portrays your music and branding to the highest level.


Audio Recording Studio

SoundArt has many years experience recording musicians and bands in the studio and live, as well as recording sound for film and movies both location and Foley.


Pre & Post Production

We have a wide range of pre & post editing software and specialist effects, as well as artistic flair.